I have to HANG UP this call
Please SET UP this game
Can you please TURN UP the volume?
He USE UP a lot of chocolate
I have to CALL OFF the party
The class have benn put off
Please turn off the tv
You have to do over the work
Please read over the test
I think over of you
I have to GIVE AWAY my old books.
I should GIVE BACK this money.
I´m gonna TAKE YOU DOWN.
Can you please TURN DOWN the volume?
I´m gonna BLOW UP.
I have to BRING UP the history topic.
Come on, DRINK UP this juice.
Please FILL UP my beer.
The video speaks of all the people that are addicted by the technology, for example when the cables take the men that is working and then were more and more. Some people think that the technology is very important in this century but the use of the technology has a lot of cons. However the technologic is essential.Also speaks of all the damage we are making to the world since the humans arrived to the world. in conclussion, all the people have to change the way we see the world and make better things to improve the world and live in a better place.